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11th May 2016
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Do your clients even lift?

Only 9% - 19% of Australian adults meet the muscle strengthening activity guidelines. This is the latest from a study by Dr Jason Bennie of Victoria University's Institute of Sport, Exercise and Active Living, and his co-authors of the FIT & WELL Study, partly funded by Fitness Australia. 

So get your clients lifting, and share the article with them to re-enforce the importance of strength training.

How well are you managing your CECs?
The CEC Diary in your Dashboard at will help you keep track of your CECs. Your CECs will be verified once you renew your Professional Registration. 

There are lots of ways to get your CECs. Keep an eye out for upcoming CECs by following our new #CECAlert hashtag on twitter. But here's a full run down on how and where to get them. 

4 steps to building better relationships
With so many distractions these days, you might find that you're not actually listening to your clients.

"The way you interact with your clients is the single most important aspect of a trainer & client relationship," says Richard Toutounji, COM.

These 4 quick tips can help you improve and build on your relationships straight away. 

Education Zone
The Fundamentals of Powerbags & Battling Ropes
5 + 6 CECs

Adel - Jun 4th & 5th
Canb - Jun 18th & 19th
Bris - Jul 23rd & 24th
Per - Jul 30th & 31st
Syd - Aug 20th & 21st

Learn how to use these two incredible functional training tools.
High Intensity Resistance Training
8 CECs

Canberra - 22nd May
Hobart - 29th May
Adelaide - 4th June
Brisbane - 15th June
Sydney - 26th June

Learn the fundamental principles of HIRT utilising low volume & higher intensity strength training.
Commanding Boot Camp Success

2 CECs

Online - anywhere, anytime 

Do you do it outdoors? Then learn how you can turn your outdoor group training into authentic boot camp sessions.
Boxing Skills & Fitness: featuring the exercise science of boxing
9 CECs

Melb: 22nd May
Sydney: 12th June
Brisbane: 19th June

Australia’s only boxing program to be approved by Fitness Australia and accredited by ESSA (Exercise & Sports Science Australia).
National Tai Chi and Qigong Health Programs

15 CECs

Syd: 14-15, 17-18 May;
4-5, 7-8 Jun; 5-8 Jul
Bris:18-19 & 20-21 Jun
Per: 18-19, 20-21 Aug
Melb: 25-26, 27-28 Aug
Adel: 23-24 Aug
Cairns: 23-24, 25-26 Jun
Wollongong: 27-28 May

Special: $450 (excl GST)
for this ad only
The Punchfit Trainer Courses Level 1 & 2
8 + 6 CECs

Currimundi: 29th May
Geelong: 29th May
Burleigh Heads: 29th May
Geelong: 11th June

The Punchfit® Trainer Courses focus on the techniques for teaching boxing and using pads. Need more CECs? Click here
Metafit Coach Course

5 CECs 

Adelaide: 22nd May
Cairns: 27th May
Gold Coast: 29th May
Wollongong: 29th May
Melbourne: 29th May

Deliver HIIT the Metafit Way. No equipment, no choreography. Use as a bootcamp, timetabled class or 1 on 1. Save time, boost revenue.

Register today!
Essentials & Advanced Suspended Fitness Course
3 + 5 CECs

Brisbane: May 22nd
Sydney: May 29th
Melbourne: May 29th
Perth: July 24th
Brisbane: August 7th
Melbourne: August 7th

Learn the fundamentals and the advanced techniques of Suspension Training to enhance your PT service!
Kettlebell Level 1 & 2 Courses

7 + 7 CECs

May & June

Sydney, Qld, Victoria, ACT, Newcastle

Learn correct techniques, technique corrections and Kettlebell workouts to use in your sessions with clients.

Find out more here
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